Proposed change in the procedure of the Copyright Tribunal

The members of the Copyright Tribunal invite users of the Copyright Tribunal and other interested parties to make a written submissions on the proposed practice direction.

The proposed practice direction sets out the procedure that will be adopted by the Copyright Tribunal in determining future references filed in the Tribunal. The proposed practice directions is set out below.

If you wish to make a submission please go to

Members of the Copyright Tribunal User Group have all been allocated and notified of a password that will enable them to lodge submissions and comment on submissions lodged by other users.


1. Position paper, not exceeding 20 pages, setting out position of parties and reasons for position including the contentions on which the party relies to support its position.

2. Position paper in reply, not exceeding 20 pages, identifying contentions agreed, disagreed and reasons for disagreement.

3. File agreed/disagreed contentions.

4. Compulsory mediation.

5. Case management conference in which Tribunal:

a. decides which witnesses each party may call if oral evidence is to be called;

b. decides whether any contentions should be dealt with by an expert appointed by the Tribunal at the shared cost of the parties.

6. Evidence filed.

7. Oral evidence if required or resolution on the papers.

8. If oral evidence is to be taken a case management conference in which Tribunal decides:

a. which witnesses may give oral evidence;

b. issues on which a witness may give oral evidence;

c. approximate time for oral evidence; and

d. hearing dates for oral evidence.