Welcome to the Copyright Tribunal of Australia

The Copyright Tribunal of Australia is an independent body administered by the Federal Court of Australia.

The Tribunal was established under Part VI of the Copyright Act 1968.

The Tribunal consists of a President, two Deputy Presidents (who are all Federal Court Judges) and other members appointed by the Governor-General.

The Tribunal has no physical resources of its own. Registry services and administrative support are provided by staff of the Federal Court.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

18 March 2020 

Filing of Documents

At a Registry

The Copyright Tribunal relies upon the registries of the Federal Court of Australia in relation to the over the counter filing of documents. Persons wishing to file documents in this manner should therefore look to notices or advice on the Federal Court of Australia website in relation to when a registry in a particular State is open.

Electronic Filing

In the event of any registry closure, and for those who wish in any event to file electronically, a document may be filed via the following email address: Copyright.Tribunal@fedcourt.gov.au

General Inquiries

General inquiries concerning the Tribunal should continue to be directed to the telephone numbers for the Federal Court of Australia Registry in the State or Territory concerned, according to any advice on the court’s website. 

Katie Lynch